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Life Zone Group

Life Zone is a group of partner organisations
from all over Europe that focus on
multimedia, education, entrepreneurship
and creative industries.

About Life Zone
Active Space - Creative Waves

What we offer our partners:

Dedicated team of professionals
Project management and consulting
Impact and Sustainability
Dissemination and Visibility Strategies
Network of strong partnership
Erasmus+ Proven Expertise

We have implemented more than 100 impactful projects locally and internationally since 2006, with the focus on the following target groups:
Young People
Young people with fewer opportunities can develop key competences through variety of non-formal education mobilities
Youth Workers
Develop skills, expertise, experience through learning, strategic partnership and networking mobilities
Youth Organisations
Youth.Academy is our signature online and offline community for NGO leaders, project managers and grant writers
Other Stakeholders
We value cooperation and impact we get by working together with business, policymakers, authorities
International Erasmus+ Youth KA1 Projects
Some examples from 2019 - 2022
International Erasmus+ Youth KA2 Projects
Some examples 2020 - 2022
Erasmus+ Youth Community-led Academy
01.11.2021 – 01.04.2023
Estonia, Bulgaria + Online
01.11.2021 - ...2022
Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland

Erasmus+ Incubator: Factory of Active Youth
24.08 01.09.2019
Estonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain
Media sapiens network
In 2009 Life Zone Group has started and still running
a network of youth work and media professionals
who believe in the media's power to change young people's lives.

Media Sapiens Network Website
To be inspired is great, to inspire is increadible